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Who is InInq?

Iniquitous Inquiry is an independent erotic film studio started in 2018 by Sous LeBamboo and Boston Perrier. We strive to create sex art that turns you on and invites you to think. Our ethically produced films feature diverse performers exploring their diverse sexuality while modeling healthy consensual communication.


Sous LeBamboo and Boston Perrier were disappointed by the quality of typical porn. They found most of it to either be homemade (usually with correspondingly low production values), or highly produced commercial products with actors who frequently didn't seem to be enjoying themselves. Most films had non existent or throwaway plots, were teeming with misogyny and racism, and either depicted narrow heteronormative sex or exploited kinks in degrading ways. 

After learning about a handful of studios producing content that stood in contrast to the mainstream (Pink & White Productions, XConfessions, Meow Meow) we were inspired to create films of our own. 

We think porn can be more than sexy, so we create films that engage our viewers minds while getting them off. We celebrate the absurd and surreal, the intimate and heartfelt, and the lewd and lascivious too.

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